Sunday 23 August 2009

Trying out the Japanese health care system...

If our life isn't exciting enough, poor Graham was rushed to hospital at 4am this morning with extreme pain in his left side and vomiting.
It started about midnight and got worse slowly to start with but by 3:30am he was completely restless and pacing the bedroom (in between vomiting). I convinced him (not too hard as he was in so much pain) to call an ambulance, of course nothing for us is straight forward at the moment, so searching for the emergency no (119 by the way, mirror image of the American 911 for ease..) was our first port of call, then trying to explain in Japanese (whilst in pain) the symptoms and where we live. 15 mins later the ambulance arrived and took him away. I was petrified, I didn't know where he was being taken, what was wrong with him, when he would be back... fortunately he sent me a sms pretty quickly to say it was Kidney stones... clearly very painful but luckily treatable and not life threatening. He is now home, on pain killers and other tablets and will go back to the hospital tomorrow for more tests and treatment. We are so happy he is home and OK, spent most of the day in bed, hey what are Sundays for??

And our adventure continues ......

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