Wednesday 26 August 2009

First Haircut in Japan....

Mia and I decided to have our haircut today so went into a salon that the sign outside was in English and said "all the way from London"... hummm NOT!! When we went in not 1 person spoke English but it was very hard for us to leave (they had shown us to chairs and I couldn't say I wanted to leave even if I wanted to).. anyway, I decided to play safe and just have a "trim" and Mia wanted a "trim and curl" meaning, when drying and styling at the the end, put a little curl in... again, not understood and Mia now has a PERM!!! classic!! my hair doesn't look much different but Mia's does, (pics in the gallery). When she showed me to the sink to have my hair washed she sat me down and put the chair right back (not like in CH or GB) quite comfortable actually but then she put a cloth over my face and blankets over my legs.. apparently the cloth is because the Japanese are shy and they come very close to your face when washing your hair so this is to avoid embarrassment and the blanket it to protect the girls from showing their pants (the skirts are very short here) :-) anyway the girl then spent 20 mins washing my hair and I thought she was trying to kill me, it really hurt!! not very gentil. But she was very sweet and has done a nice cut so I wont complain.

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