Friday 14 August 2009

Noisy Bugs - Cicada

The first day we were in our apartment there was a really loud noise, I thought that someone in another apartment building was playing the guitar (badly)!! we then asked someone and realised it was a bug called the Cicada. These bugs are really interesting if not a little loud!!
It is said that Cicadas in Japan live only two weeks in the trees while they live underground for seven years until they come outside on the ground. Casting is such an exciting moment. Even its little wings are still wet and shrinked. His round and large dark eyes are cute against his white body. By the time the wings get dry, the color of a newborn cicada turns to dark. Then it's time to fly. Good luck! Live up your life!
I have posted a link so you can hear the noise they make, a lot of people hate them but I actually like the noise now as it is a noise that will remind me of Japan.

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