Tuesday 11 August 2009

Leaving Switzerland - 3rd August 2009

This was a really hard day for me, leaving my home and my fantastic friends. I know I am going to have a great, once in a lifetime adventure with the people I am closest to and who mean the world to me, Gra, Mia and Gian but I am still going to miss everyone back home and will think often of them and beautiful Switzerland. I will be back!!!

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  1. Hi Linz!

    So very happy to hear from you - this update made me laugh as you described in full detail the sound of the Cicada bugs, but no mention whatsoever about the earthquake the other day! The kids were very disturbed and asked if you guys were okay.

    It sounds like things are great so far - did you take your pictures in the Hyatt, Ms. Johanson???? ha ha.

    Love to everyone. Eat some sushi for me, please! xoxo Holly and Co.