Tuesday 18 August 2009

Gians 9th Birthday

Gian is 9 today and we have just got home from Disney Tokyo. What a day! We woke up and Gian opened his cards and presents. (thank you very much for everyone who sent a card/pressie). He had a lovely new camera from his godfather, money from grandparents and "aunts" so he can now treat us to dinner :-) We then went to Disney for the day. It only takes 37 mins on the train so we were there in no time! We told the lady on the front desk it was Gian's birthday and they gave him a birthday sticker and everyone we passed clapped their hands and said "Happy Birthday" it was lovely and Gian liked all the attention (apart from the man who asked if he was 6 today) :-) oops!! It was very hot and humid and it seemed that everyone chose today to go to Disney, the queues were a nightmare!! We had to wait in line for 2 hours for Splash Mountain and it lasted all of 5 mins... We got the "fast pass" for space mountain so that wasn't too bad (apart from I hate roller coasters but said I would do it for Gian's birthday, so queued for hours for rides I am scared of) :-) Anyway.... we had a FAB day and left about 6:30, just as all the people arrived for the evening (1/2 price after 6pm) so were glad to get out!! I have been to Disney in Orlando a few times and have NEVER seen it so busy, there were people everywhere, all with Minnie ears on (the Japanese girls love that, young or old)!

Gian wanted to go to Tony Roma's for dinner, it is an American place that does pretty good seafood and fajitas. He still had his birthday sticker on so the girl said Happy Birthday and chatted a bit to Gian, at the end of the meal she brought an ice cream/cake with a candle and we all sang happy birthday, she then took a photo and put it in a card for him, really sweet. We now have to go for Mia's birthday...

When we got home he had a few skype sessions and was really pleased to chat to his good friends and family. We are all off to bed now, shattered!!!!

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