Friday 14 August 2009

3 earthquakes in a week..... Help!!

Before we moved here to Tokyo we were told of the earthquakes and Typhoons and anyone who know me, also knows I have a really bad fear for wind so my main fear was of the typhoons, I even said to Graham "oh the earthquakes don't worry me, how bad can they be" well the answer is VERY BAD!!! 3 in one week.... what!!!

Sunday was the first one, we were on skype to Grahams parents in the UK and we felt some movement, at first I thought it was kids downstairs running up and down the corridor and then I looked at the coffee I had made and it started moving and then coming out of the cup, and then the whole building started moving, side to side as if someone was shaking it. I was very scared and all I could do was sit on the floor and wait for it to be over. I felt sorry for Grahams parents as I couldn't even talk so Graham had to hang up the call and come and sit with me. Then Gian came running in, saying "WOW that was the best thing that has happened since we have been here" typical!!! I wasn't going to scare him with the "what could have happened" it didn't and we are all fine. This was rated at 7.1
Tuesday was the 2nd one, we were all set for a trip to Kanazawa to visit the family Graham stayed with last year and also his old school and so he could show us around. We were booked on the night train due to leave at 11pm, we got to the station at 10pm (like to be early) :-) to be told that due to a typhoon warning the train was cancelled and we could go and get our money back. The children were tired and very disappointed but I was glad we didn't go as the thought of being on a train in a typhoon didn't exactly thrill me. So we home and went to bed. At 5am in the morning, we were woken by the room shaking again, I said to Graham "oh god here comes the typhoon, and he responded, don't worry I think it is just another earthquake" he was right, this time a 6.4.
The last one was on Wednesday, I remember thinking, 2 earthquakes in 3 days, hopefully that is it for the time we are here, but NO!! 8am in the morning, the same rocking, shaking of the room and it was 6.6.
As I said before we are all fine, everything around us seems fine and hopefully that is it for the year! Please!!!!

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