Wednesday 26 August 2009

Japanese Language

Graham has now started his Japanese class and is having 3 hours twice a week and then when the kids start school he will increase to 5 days a week. He is doing well and seems to be able to hold a conversation, really impressed!

Mia and Gian are trying and can ask for 1 or 2 cokes or hot chocolate etc. and then there is me... OMG!! it is sooooo funny! I am really trying but for some reason I keep getting "hello" and "thank you" mixed up so in total Delboy style (only fools and horses for those non English folk reading this) when I have paid for something and they give me back my change I then look at them and confidently say "Konnichiwa" the look they give me is soooo funny and Gra says afterwards "you did it again"... we have laughed so hard with this... oh dear easily pleased!! :-)

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