Friday 14 August 2009

Tokyo Dome

The Tokyo Dome is a stadium for baseball (no 1 sport here in Japan) and it also has held lots of concerts including Madonna and Michael Jackson. There is also so much more to do there which we are finding out. We are really lucky that the Dome is just 20 mins walk from our apartment, so really easy to get to. We went there one evening to go bowling with the kids, boy do the Japanese know how to have fun, there were about 30 lanes nearly all taken with big groups of business men and women (mostly young girls, maybe assistants) and older men but all looked very cool and comfortable with each other. Every time one got a strike they all gave "high fives" very funny!!
Another day we went to the amusement park. It has lots of different rides etc and you can either buy a wrist band and go on everything or pay per ride (I should have done that). The kids definitely got their moneys worth, Gra just made it and I was pathetic... I went on a few rides and one was so funny, it was called the "sky flower" A parachute-type attraction going up and down from a height of 61 meters to the ground, commanding a magnificent view of city streets and buildings, not fast or anything so I thought I would be OK, OMG 61 meters is very high!!! my legs turned to jelly and I couldn't look!! very funny though, guests will have to go on it!!!!
We are going to get tickets to go and see a baseball game so hopefully that should be fun!! will keep you posted.

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