Friday 14 August 2009

New Apartment

We moved into our new apartment on the 6th August 2009, it is a great place and I know we are going to be happy here. We have 4 bedrooms, 3 normal size,one has 2 single beds in for the kids, one has 2 desks in and the 3rd has a sofa bed and the TV will go in there, (guest room) the last bedroom is ours and is HUGE twice as big as our bedroom in CH, it is beautiful but we only have a bed and 2 bedside tables so looks funny at the moment but don't want anymore furniture in there so it will be fine. We have 3 toilets, and 2 bathrooms that are fab!! Japanese style with a room for the shower (bigger than our small bathroom at home) and then a bath in there too, it is great!! the toilets are the all singing all dancing kind and poor Gian had a shock the first time he used it as it flushes automatically when you get off, he thought one of us had flushed it from another room :-) he wasn't amused!! (the rest of us had a good laugh)!!

We have a reception down stairs with three lovely Japanese girls to help us out if we need anything, they weren't too happy when I decided to try out the security system (without reading the instructions) and set the alarm off, this also went to a central security centre... oops, we had 1 girl and the manager in our apartment trying to sort it out and Graham kept saying "sorry it was an accident" while I was just sooo embarrassed and kept out of the way, while sniggering a lot!!

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