Sunday 8 November 2009

It really is a small world...

Today, Graham and George (Grahams dad) went to play golf so I thought I would take Wyn (Grahams mum) to the Meiji Jingu shrine in Harjuku, this is a very famous shrine in Tokyo and is also famous for the Harjuku girls who dress up.

Anyway, when we arrived at the station in was packed and there was some sort of festival/ parade/demonstration going on, there were so many people so I suggested we waited abit before going to the shrine. After about 40 minutes we decided it would be OK as the crowd was better than before.

It was so beautiful walking through the trees, there were lots of little girls dressed in the most beautiful Kimono's. We were just talking and enjoying the views and someone said, "Lindsey"!! I looked over and it was a Danish friend Susanna from Switzerland!!! OMG it was so weird... Helen had briefly told me she was coming over but I didn't know when, where she was staying etc etc and in a city of 12 million people what was the chance of us bumping into each other.... wow!! well we had a nice chat and laugh and then went our different ways. She was leaving the shrine and we were just going in.

About 2 hours later we were having lunch, looked up and yep you guessed it, 5 spaces down.... Susanna :-) it really is a small world!! Fantastic to see you Susanna. :-)

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