Saturday 21 November 2009

2nd Visitors Mum and Dad Cunningham 6 - 21 Nov 2009

Less than a week after our 1st visitors left our 2nd visitors arrived. Graham's parents arrived on the Friday. Straight into Golf on the Sunday for Graham and his dad and Wyn came with me and the kids to try some sushi and see the girls at Harajuku. (not sure she enjoyed the sushi but am sure she enjoyed the experience). They spent lots of time with the kids which was lovely, (and gave Graham and I a chance to go out one evening) :-) Mia and Gian really miss all their grandparents and are so lucky that they will all visit us and experience our adventure with us!

We took them to some of the major tourist attractions and they went to Kyoto on the Bullet Train, I think they enjoyed seeing another city in Japan. I hope they enjoyed their time here with us, I know we did.

Next visitors (mum and dad Shand) arrive on the 18th December to spend Christmas with us.

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