Saturday 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween

Last night at 10pm I received an email asking if Gian and Mia wanted to go "Trick or Treating" with the French kids, well Mia thinks she is too old :-) but Gian was up for it so we had to then find him a costume. Well that wasnt easy, not in America now :-) but we found a mask, anyone who knows Gian will also know he is Michael Jackson mad at the moment so we thought that would be appropriate. Anyway the RDV was 4pm in the lobby so I sent Mia with Gian so I could stay to give out the sweets, 2 mins later they were back... there was only 2 other (small) girls going so Gian was "NO WAY"!! I managed to convince him to come with me and we went down. After 10 mins there were about 6 kids but we picked some up more from the flats on the way and by the end there were about 15... Gian has just come back with his friends Nicolas and Jonathan and asked if they could go to some other buildings, good luck I say as the Japanese don't really seem to into it... oh well a bit of fun for the kids :-)

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