Tuesday 1 September 2009

Karaoke Time......

Today was soooo much fun, we went to one of the famous Karaoke clubs. We paid for 4 people (2 Sfr per person per hour, plus you have to buy 1 drink from them too so a total of 20 Sfr for an hour, not bad)!! You go into a small room with a TV, huge book to choose the music, phone (to call to ask for more drinks or food) and the big remote to pick the music oh and 2 microphones.
I started with Eternal Flame by the bangles (me and Lisa used to sing this as kids) :-) sorry Lisa!! at first I was laughing and thinking how bad my voice was but after 5 mins I really thought I was Susanna Hoffs :-) Mia then had a go at a Hannah Montanna song and Gian sang a Michael Jackson song while moon walking!!! Gra then had a great moment singing Ben by Michael Jackson and then we did a duet of American Pie, god we were....awful!!!
Well Simon Cowell would laugh us off the stage but we had such a great time, all visitors start practicing your favourite songs as we WILL be going back. I am looking into how to start this up in Fribourg!!


  1. Haha. 27 seconds was that all we got? Film a lot more the next time please ;)

  2. 27 seconds was more than enough! ;-)


  3. you should see the videos I didnt put up (they wouldnt let me) :-(

  4. Hi Graham & Linz

    Great to see Japan life! As for the karoake dont give up the day job Graham!!

    Lots of Love
    Chris x

  5. Ha Ha.... wicked, I love it!

    Are you taking requests for your next visit?

    Love Penny xx

  6. maybe he will sing a Tom Jones number next time :-)