Tuesday 1 September 2009


when we arrived at our new home we obviously didn't know who are new neighbours were or if they had children etc, (Graham was however very excited to see some gold clubs outside one of the apartments so hoped that person was nice) :-)

It wasn't long before I met a lovely French lady in reception, she said hello and we started talking, worked out she lived on the 4th floor too and yes she was our neighbour, great she had 2 boys aged 12 and 9 exactly the same as Mia and Gian, result!!

Graham soon met the other neighbour (with the clubs) and they are a Japanese family with 2 children Moe (10) and Anna (6 months) and a very noisy (and scary) dog :-) After talking to Taichi for a while we asked where he had learnt his very good English, he replied Reading, UK, (about 20 mins from where I grew up), small world eh!! Anyway, these are our neighbours (the 4th flat is empty), we feel Very lucky as they all seem lovely!

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