Monday 22 March 2010

Who said John Lennon was dead???

The kids are away for a long weekend skiing and slalom racing with our lovely Japanese friends (and 40 other Japanese ski club members) so Gra and I thought we would enjoy our only free weekend in Japan with a trip to "Abbey Road". this is club in Roppongi which has a fantastic Beetles tribute band.

Well what can I say.... WOW!! springs to mind. The band is totally serious, can really play the instruments and OK they are Japanese so they don't really look like the originals but they do their best and it really doesn't matter as they are just fantastic!! (I actually think the "Japanese Ringo" is a lot better looking than the original :-) )

Due to Gra playing golf all day and the traffic being a nightmare we were late (yes us late!!) but we managed to get there for the start of the second set. "George" started singing and I actually had a tear in my eye as his voice was just so beautiful, his accent near perfect, WOW! I soon realised his voice although being amazing was nothing compared to "John" OMG it was so powerful, I was memorised the way he sang, the way he played the guitar, just the way he was, totally amazing. "Ringo and Paul" were very very good too and the more beer I drank the more "Paul" really looked like Paul McCartney :-) he had the moves all down too.

They played 5 sets in all, each one lasting about 30 minutes, I was disappointed every time one ended and we had to wait for the next one (about 30 mins) but was just enough time to get another drink or some food and have a chat before they were out again.

It was a really treat, we left buzzing and laughing. Such a great night.

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  1. hi this is curtis }^^^} i am withy auntie wyn and i have looked at the pictures they are good xxx