Sunday 24 January 2010

Hike and Lunch with friends, great!

Saturday we met our friends Kevin and Cecila and their friend Linda at Shinjuku station to take the train to Takaosanguchi. We hiked to Mt Takao, it took us about 70 mins of mostly up hill, I was really tired and really hot as I had put extra layers on thinking it would be cold in the mountains... but the sun was beautiful and the extra effort I had to put in to get up the mountain made me sweat!! :-) It was all worth it, the views at the top were just beautiful (almost as beautiful as Switzerland). We then started our way back, half way down we caught the cable car as we had reservations at Ukai Toriyama. This is a restaurant (!) more like little huts which is just fantastic! have a look at this article which says everything I would say (but better) :-) I took some photos so see my gallery too.

We were all very tired on the way home, hike, food, warm hut and the train had heated seats so nice and toasty, what a lovely day, it was really nice to get out of the city. It made me a bit homesick though as the beautiful mountains and out in the country reminded me so much of my "Home".

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