Wednesday 30 December 2009

3rd Visitors Mum and Dad Shand, UK, 18 - 30 Dec 2009

It is 08:15 and I have just put my mum and dad into a taxi to take the to Tokyo Station where they catch the train to the airport to go back to the UK.

They arrived on the 18th December, the last day of my sushi course and Mia and Gian's school for the holiday. Perfect timing. Mia and Gian were so happy to have them here (as were Graham and I) and it made Christmas really special for us all.

We showed them alot of Tokyo and I know they liked this big city. My father, however, is totally obsessed with the Japanese toilets and has even taken a video to show his friends back home, you have been warned. :-)

Like all the visitors we have had so far we have really enjoyed seeing them, showing them our new (temporary) home and sharing some lovely times. Thank you so much mum and dad, we will miss you. Thank god for Skype.

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