Tuesday 8 June 2010

Weekend in Karuizawa 5th & 6th June 2010

Last weekend was a busy (but fantastic) one. Saturday morning we had to be at the Italian Institute where Mia and her friends were in a dance show, it was really good, Mia's group did really well but there was a fantastic group on first with a lovely Japanese teacher and some little kids (I guess about 4 years old) well, one of the girls got stage fright and wouldn't do anything, just stood there, then she sat on the floor and refused to move, god Gra and I were killing ourselves and the teacher was just great, kept trying to get her involved but when she nearly started crying the teacher gave up and they all just carried on dancing around her... too funny.

Straight after it finished we headed over to Tokyo station and caught the shinkansen to Karuizawa where our lovely Japanese friends Yukiko san and Carlos san have a summer house.
One hour later and we arrived, Carlos san was there to meet us and a quick car journey and we were at their house. WOW the views were just beautiful, it really reminded us of Switzerland and we started feeling a bit homesick. They have the beautiful mountains, so many forests, lakes, just lovely.

We dropped our bags and went for a walk, Mia noticed we were only going down and down and started worrying about how we were going to get back up... kids!! it was perfect weather too so we just walked for a while and then turned round as Carlos and Yukiko's friends called to say they had arrived at the house.

When we got back they started the BBQ and we chatted to Tom and Yuko (their nice friends). The BBQ was great and then after Mia and Gian lit the fireworks Yukiko had bought for them.

It got cold very fast and when I say cold I mean COLD!! after the kids had played on the Wii (Gian wanted to beat Carlos) they both had a bath and straight into bed so to keep warm and then Gra and I did the same thing.

Next morning, Graham went to play golf with Carlos, Tom and Yuko (they had a great time) and Me and the kids went on a bike ride with Yukiko, it was great and we stopped off at a huge pond (where the kids saw a snake) and then we went further for lunch, great lunch and then back.

Just a great weekend, thank you sooooo much Yukiko san and Carlos san. We look forward to seeing you in Switzerland sometime.


  1. Sounds lika a GREAT time.
    Thank you so much for my birthday card! It arrived at the exact date.
    I feel awkward for not remembering yours though...
    Allt he best to you all!

  2. Hi Mathilda, No problem for the card, glad you received it on time and hope you had a great day. No problem for not remembering mine, I remember everyones :-) Say Hi to Niklas and the kids.

  3. Lindsey, thank you for coming over to Karuizawa! It was great to have you all at our place before your leaving back for Switzerland. One year was very short, but both Carlos and I are lucky to share many things with you during this one year!

  4. Hey Yukiko san, we feel lucky too, it has been lovely to get to know you both and know we will stay in touch and hopefully see you next year in Tokyo (April) or in Switerland!