Thursday 6 May 2010

Hawaii 26th April - 7th May 2010

Wow what a treat!!! Hawaii is just paradise... we are sooooo lucky to be here.

We have been surfing, snorkeling, on a boat at night to see the sunset, we have done lots of swimming, lots of eating and lots of relaxing by the pool.

Our hotel The Royal Hawaiian is just perfect, great service, food, setting (right on the beach) surf teachers on tap, beautiful gardens etc.

Graham left for LA for an invester conference and had a great time, Gian, Mia and I stayed here and chilled out.

There are sooo many Japanese it is really strange, feel like we are still in Tokyo, lucky I like the Japanese :-)

One more day, one more night and then back to Tokyo, we have had the holiday of a lifetime!!!!

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