Tuesday 13 April 2010

Robert Cray 12th April 2010

Graham organised for 8 of us (Gra and I, Cecila and Kevin, Iva and Philippe and Alan and Pat) to go to see Robert Cray at the Blue Note Club - Tokyo.

We arrived at 8pm to pick the tickets up, it is a really modern place, I liked it!!! We had a drink outside first and then about 8:50pm we went into the club and found our seats. We had two booths so we had a Boys one and a Girls one. :-) I am sure we had the best seats in the house, directly in front of the stage and raised a bit so we were looking over every ones heads. Excellent!

I think there were about 100 people there so a really small venue which made it even better, felt he was singing directly to you.

We also had a meal there which was the first time I had every eaten a full meal at a concert but hey there is a 1st for everything and the food was really delicious so no complaints there.

I guess he was on stage for 1.5 hours, played some really impressive guitar, talked to the audience, had fun, the other band members too. Must admit the drummer and keyboard player looked quite old and a little out of place as Robert Cray and the Bass player were cool dudes BUT the drummer and keyboard player were excellent musicians and they all worked really well together so that is just me....

Had a GREAT evening!! Yummy food, champagne, great music and perfect company :-)

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  1. Loved it! Had a great time. Thank you so much again for organising :-)
    xxxxx Cecilia