Friday 30 October 2009

1st Visitors - Helen, Jacob and Pauline 18-30 Oct 2009

My dear friend Helen (and Jacob/Pauline) left us today, they are flying as I write this. We had a fantastic 2 weeks together. Thank you all for making it so much fun, it was a pleasure having you here.

They arrived on Sunday 18th October and we went straight into sightseeing, showing them Ginza and Ichigaya. Everyday we did something, the beach at Odiba, amusement park at Tokyo Dome, fish market at Tsukiji, temple at Asakasa, bike ride to Ueno etc etc. We had so many laughs, many at my expense :-) last night me, Helen and the kids all went to do some Karaoke, how much fun is that!!! excellent!! please be aware all our visitors that this is not optional and EVERYONE must sing along,. They say laughing is the best medicine, well me and Helen are definitely not under the weather. :-)

We already miss them terribly, it was very strange having them here, felt like I was in Switzerland somehow. I now realise how much I miss all my friends "back home".

Oh well I am going to tidy the flat, go shopping and make the bed up, next lot of visitors arrive in 6 days.

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