Saturday 12 September 2009

Tired, wet and cold but far from miserable...

Ok, my day started at 7am with me looking at my phone to see if Pascal had sent me an sms from the Gotteron game... No.... so I guessed that meant that we lost... yep! 4-1 to Bern!! not happy!! but C'est la Vie!! hope they win tonight. OK that is the hockey out of my system so on to the day we had ahead of us.
I had booked us on a bike tour of Tokyo and had been looking forward to it all week. We were due to meet at 9am at a hotel about 45 mins from our flat, then we had a 6 hour tour of Tokyo ahead of us, great! BUT if the weather isn't good they cancel the tour... the weather forecast wasn't great but it wasn't too bad either so they asked if we wanted to still do it, we said YES!! OK, it didn't just "spit" it "pi**ed" it down (sorry mum)!! on our 45 minute ride to meet them it started, we were nearly there (but lost) and we were going down a hill, the path was really wet and Very slippery and poor Gian put on the brakes and the rest was history... he went flying and the bike landed on top of him, I was behind him and I slipped too but managed to stay on my bike, poor boy was very shaken up but no cuts so we told him to get back on the bike as we were going to be late :-) (joking, I gave him a hug first and then told him...) :-) bad mum!!!
So we finally met up with the others, our guides Yukiko and Masa and the other people on our tour Mandy and Geoff from Hawaii, and Eric from California, they were lovely and very understanding (for us being lost and late) so off to a good start! The rain was getting harder and harder so we stopped so they could tell us about the trip and then it really chucked it down so we had to stop again and go into a shop, we looked like drowned rats!! we had a typical Japanese "sweet" it was an American style pancake with anko (see link above) inside.. yum... not!! very strange and I wasn't sure nor were the kids so Gra had 3 :-) Had a look outside and still raining so decided we would stop the tour :-( we said we would go to the fish market, have lunch together and then finish the tour.. WOW!! the fish market is amazing!! huge and very interesting. Gian didn't like it when we saw the live crab but the rest the kids enjoyed.
We went into a sushi shop in the fish market so as you can imagine the fish was out of this world, so fresh!
After lunch we decided to make our way home, very wet, cold and tired. But we have already booked on the tour for next Sunday to see the Sumo Wrestlers and then will do the Saturday tour another day.
Graham is now in bed... 4pm.. hot baths were had by all and a cup of tea... lovely.....

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