Wednesday 14 July 2010

Sayonara Japan

I am crying while writing this sitting on the window ledge of the Park Hyatt in Tokyo, this is where our journey started in August 09 and this is now where it ends.

What can I say.... WOW!! What a year, we have met some amazing people whom we will NEVER forget, we have seen some beautiful places, eaten a lot of fantastic food (and some not so fantastic) and experienced a whole new culture. We (well Graham, Mia and Gian) have learnt a new language & I have learnt how to make sushi from the best school in Tokyo. We have also been able to share our experience with all our friends who visited us, thank you for coming over we loved seeing all of you, it was a real pleasure, THANK YOU.

Mia and Gian have made us so proud with the way they immediately adjusted to their new school, new country, new culture and new language. How they made so many lovely new friends, they have grown up in so many ways (Mia has also grown 10cm in 1 year).

We had some not so good news when I found out that I had Rheumatoid Arthritis but I am happy to say that I am currently in remission so that is GREAT!!!

We will take so much with us from this "journey" we have become closer as a family, we have become more aware of what is important in life and how to live life to the full as you never know what is round the corner.

Thank You Japan, Dõmo arigatõ!!

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