Sunday 23 May 2010

8th Visitor - Andy, Switzerland, 14 - 23 May 2010

Andy arrived nice and early Friday 14th and Graham being a nice cousin went to collect him from Narita. On the Friday night we went to friends house and had a great evening and Andy got to meet some of our great friends we have met here. He did well as we go home about 1am so he must have been tired but didn't show it, went to bed as soon as we got in and slept well. Saturday night the boys went out to watch the football and then Andy stayed out until 5am, then didn't get up till 5pm on the Sunday so missed the Sumo but think he had a good night.

Monday Graham took him to Kyoto for a few days to see all the temples etc and go on the shinkansen which is something Andy really wanted to do (it is pretty impressive must admit). They got back Wednesday and then we just showed him a few of the tourist spots, ate some typical Japanese food, Pizza, French crepes etc :-) and he left first thing this morning.

Thanks for the visit Andy, hope you had a good time, see you in Switzerland when we return.

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